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By | April 13, 2020

Rocket VPN is a simple application that creates a virtual private network to encrypt your Internet connection. Hide your traffic, identity, and location in one click, surf the Internet without compromising.

Get * 250MB of free data every 30 days to watch videos, listen to music safely or surf, or upgrade to unlimited use for unlimited cost and cover all your content device with speed and usability. Unlimited bandwidth as soon as possible.

Access to blocked sites and applications

Choose from our global server to access remote geographical features everywhere. With Rocket VPN you can change the location of your device on one of our servers in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Japan, UK, France or Germany. Applications and websites that require a location in one of your countries will be locked.

Feel free to browse the Internet with our integrated browser

Browse the web directly from the new Rocket VPN with the new Rocket Browser, so you’re always safe. Especially targeting malicious parties. Our built-in browser features advanced features that protect your device from hackers and trackers.

Easy calculus

Turbo loads the launch experience from the launcher. You can create a shortcut to open and attach an application. We do everything easy, and add shortcuts to our home screen to help the next level of comfort.

Encrypt your connection

Protect your data by encryption to protect your personal information. Some websites may compromise your device and your personal information. The best way to protect your web activity is to identify your traffic. Don’t hesitate to shop online to make sure it doesn’t smell.

Your identity is protected

Do not disclose your connection and prevent third parties from tracking your identity and location. We also automatically block malware and phishing sites so that you can safely surf the Internet. If you connect to a VPN using an Internet connection, you will not leave a trace and third parties may not record your activity.

Rocket VPN works with most Internet browsers, including: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, Dolphin Browser, CM Browser, Duck Duck Go and more.

Install Rocket VPN for real Internet freedom!

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